how soon can i test for pregnancy

How to use pregakem

Waiting for the moment when you can spread the good news? Cherish this moment with Pregakem, a quick and easy way to confirm your pregnancy. Use Pregakem on the missed day of menses, but for best results test should be performed one week later.

Step-1: Take the Pregakem mono carton and open it. You will find a Pregakem kit pouch and a unique urine collection tray inside it.

Step-2: Before opening and using the Pregakem kit pouch collect urine in unique urine collection tray (Preferably first urine in the morning).

Step-3: Open the pouch, each pouch has 1 test device, 1 dropper and 1 silica gel pouch.

- Test device is for pregnancy detection.

- Dropper is for collecting and dropping 3 drops of urine sample in sample well marked ‘S’ on test device.

- Silica gel pouch although has no role in detection process but helps keeping the test device moisture free and safe from degradation.

Step-4: Keep the test device on flat surface and don’t keep it open for a long period of time.

Step-5: Drop three drops of urine into the sample well marked ‘S’ on the test device with the help of dropper and read the results within 5 minutes in result window marked ‘C’ and ‘T’.

How to perform test.
  • pregakem
  • Collect urine sample (preferably first urine of the morning).
  • Put three drops of urine (using dropper given in the kit) into the sample well "S" on the card.
  • Read the results within 5 minutes.

Observe the result window for the appearance of lines and interpret result as:

  • pregakem

A) Pregnant - If two distinct pink/red lines appear in the result window marked 'T' & 'C'.

  • pregakem

B) Not-Pregnant - If only one pink/red line appears in the result window marked 'C'.

  • pregakem

C) Invalid - If no line appears in the result window or if one pink line appears in the result window marked 'T'. It is recommended to repeat the test.

Note: If the test result is Not-pregnant, there are chances that the period has been miscalculated. Wait for one week and repeat the test.

how soon can i test for pregnancy